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Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club


The Membership Club gives you unlimited access to all of these FTCU lessons plus more!

NEW tutorials are added every 2 weeks!

Why join the Membership Club?

  • Practice - Learn by doing, with lessons that show you how to use each of the FTCU tools
  • PDF step-by-step written lessons for you to follow along at your own pace
  • Support - Get one-on-one support for each of the lesson - ask questions - get answers
  • Digitizing support - get help with your own designs - you can email me at anytime and I will be happy to give you feedback and guidance to complete any designs!

Here is what you will find inside the club...

  • 75+ tutorials - step-by-step written instructions with photos showing how to digitize an embroidery design with Floriani FTCU
  • New FTCU digitizing tutorials - added every 2 weeks - that's 25 NEW lessons each year!
  • Simple explanations that show how to use the FTCU tools you need the most
  • Learn how to digitize the basic stitches (run, fill, satin, applique, text)
  • Learn the workspace tools - the selection tool, the sequence view, the properties box
  • Learn how to manipulate designs - how to open designs, edit designs and how to save your work
  • PDF downloads - of all the tutorials and jpeg images to use for practicing the tutorials
  • And.... lots of encouragement along the way!

I am so excited you are here!

    I receive emails everyday from people telling me that they have bought the Floriani FTCU software and they are so excited to begin digitizing, but they open the program and have no idea where to start!

    I completely understand how this feels.

    That’s how I felt 10 years ago when I wanted to learn to digitize.

    Through lots of effort and trials and hours and hours of time, I finally learned to digitize designs that I love!

    I created these lessons because I want to make it easier for you!

    This membership club has over 75 step by step written lessons and videos. There is a PDF for each lesson to download along with a jpeg image to use for practicing the tutorial.

    New lessons are added every 2 weeks for you to download and keep!

    This gives you plenty of time to work through the tutorial and ask any questions that you may have.

    While you have enrolled in the club, you will have access to all the Embroidery Gatherings FTCU lessons located in one place and you will receive any future UPDATES to the lessons!

Don't waste anymore of your time trying to learn Floriani FTCU on your own!